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My First Post!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Hello! I'm a mom of two mostly grown girls. They're 16 and 20. Wow! That's hard to believe! I've been married to my husband for 24 years, together 4 years before that. My family - my husband, daughters, and my oldest daughter's boyfriend/basically fiance’, and our fur babies - our the biggest part of my life. I love spending time with them and taking care of them.

I started my Rose-Colored Jen account on instagram to share positive vibes, to hopefully brighten other people's days sometimes. I already had an Instagram for the pups, though they are such an important part of my everyday life that they're on my Rose-Colored Jen Instagram more often than not.

I'm excited to share my ideas and experiences. My digital designs will be available here, too. They're also in my Etsy Shop, Designs by Rose Colored Jen.

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